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COVID Care at Home | RxDx Clinics Bangalore

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a serious threat to public health. Its clinical and epidemiological characteristics are still being documented. While some COVID positive cases may be pre-symptomatic, a few may experience mild to moderate, or even severe symptoms. Depending on the symptom severity, few may require hospitalization or even critical care.

As per latest studies, about 80% of COVID-19 positive patients in India have mild or no symptoms. This implies that a majority of the positive patients recover at home under remote medical monitoring and care.

With Govt. guidelines on Home Isolation as base, RxDx is offering COVID Care @ Home services for positive patients who have mild or very mild symptoms. Packages start at ₹350 per day. We issue essential medical kit against a refundable security deposit of ₹3,500. Each equipment is duly sanitized before handing over to patients.

To download Government of India Guidelines on Home Isolation click here and for Government of Karnataka guidelines click here



You can buy a brand-new medical monitoring kit starting at ₹4,900


Patients can separately, purchase their essential medicine kit for 7 days or 15 days, as per their doctor’s advice (see list of essential medicines)


You also have the option to procure PPE and Home Care devices (see list of PPEs and Homecare devices)

We ensure deliveries are made at your doorstep (within Bengaluru) in a contactless manner
COVID Care @ Home is available pan-India (excluding equipment and medicine kit)

Should you have any questions regarding above, please Call 080 49261111 / 67458111 or email to:


If you have tested COVID positive from a confirmatory test like RT-PCR, and your doctor has diagnosed your condition as mild, you don’t need to go to a hospital.

General symptoms of cough, fever, minor breathing issues can be managed at home, provided you have no other underlying condition like heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, etc chronic conditions.

You can be at home in self-isolation for the safety of your family and neighbours. Watch this video on Home Isolation by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

No need to worry about high cost of hospitalization when you can avail any of the three RxDx Home Care Packages customized for your need.


In 7, 11, and 15 Days Packages Covering

Package Details


We need the following from you:

Call 080 49261111 / 67458111 to register your name and phone number

COVID Care @ Home Team will call you back to explain the package in details and assist you with the boarding process which includes doctor consultation as stated below:


  1. You will receive a link on your email/phone to fill your medical history. Alternatively, visit RxDx COVID19 page and Click to Fill Form to submit the same.
  2. After we receive your medical information, our COVID Care @ Home team will send you the payment link to buy the package of your choice.


You have an option to have online doctor consultation before buying the package. If you choose to do so, you will be sent a link for paying Rs 450/- for the consultation. Once payment is received, our Care Coordinators will facilitate your online consultation.

You also have the option to buy the package directly by choosing one of the options from below. You will be sent a payment link accordingly:


3. If you have chosen to consult a doctor, you will be requested to download the mfine app. If you are not comfortable with the app, the care team will assist you with a WhatsApp Video Consultation



  • Package will be CONFIRMED only after doctor approval.
  • If after doctor consultation, patient is found not-eligible for home isolation, the package will be cancelled
  • Amount received towards package will be refunded after deducting Rs 450/- towards doctor consultation (if you have not paid for the consultation separately)
  • Security deposit will be refunded with no deductions
4. Max within 16 hours of first consultation, you will receive contactless delivery of your Essential Medical Kit (if opted) at your registered address (within Bengaluru).

5. Please sign the equipment rental form and share a photo of the signed copy through email (


6. You will receive an email with attached patient guide containing useful information related to your home isolation. You are also requested to watch this video on home isolation. Watch Here ⇒


In case of any emergency, reach out to our call center number :  Call 080 49261111 / 67458111

If at any time of the care period, your vitals or symptoms are determined as risky by our doctor, you will be recommended to COVID Hospital.



Cancellation Policy: You can cancel the package within 3 days of receipt of payment by us. Payment will be refunded after deducting 3 days charges (@ ₹350/- per day x 3 days) plus ₹450 towards doctor consultation (if you have not paid for the consultation separately). Medicines and PPEs once sold, are not returnable.


If in the course of the packaged care, you are hospitalized – your package will be paused and we will re-start and complete the remaining after your discharge from the hospital in home quarantine phase.

Contactless delivery of medicines, kits and PPEs are done only in Bengaluru region. However, consultations and vitals monitoring available across the country to patients eligible for Home Isolation.

Should you have any questions regarding above, please Call 080 49261111 / 67458111 or email to:



The mfine app is used for all consultations offered by our doctors, nutritionists, mental health counsellors, and physiotherapists. In case you are not comfortable with the app we will organize WhatsApp video consultation / session for all components of the package

SmartRx app on Google Play SmartRx app on Apple store

Our nurses stay in touch via the mfine app or regular phone calls for your vital monitoring
Calls may be audio or video (determined by specialists keeping your convenience and need in mind)
Each individual case file is maintained by RxDx for careful monitoring and supervision

For further questions write to us or call us.

To know more about how patients and care-givers can take care of themselves during the home isolation, download Government of India Guidelines on Home Isolation here and for Government of Karnataka guidelines click here

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