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Home Healthcare

RxDx brings you COVID Care @ Home

home healthcare services in bangalore

At RxDx we offer following Home Healthcare services to Bengaluru residents:

RxDx brings COVID Care @ Home
In 7, 11, and 15 Days Packages

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FREE within 5 km radius of RxDx Clinics and a minimum order of Rs. 500/-

No need to miss out on follow up physiotherapy if you have been prescribed exercises that require no or minimum specialized equipment.

Call 08049261111 and take an appointment with RxDx Whitefield for a Physiotherapy session from the convenience and privacy of your home.
Go for our Online Physio services (Telehealth) available across all branches of RxDx.

Our Physiotherapist will consult your issues, conduct Supervised Home Exercise Sessions, monitor your progress (for those already consulted by us and prescribed Home Exercise Programme), and provide Homes Based Posture Evaluations & Home Workstation/ Ergonomics Evaluation.

To opt for a video consultation with our panel of Physiotherapists Online – Instadoc@RxDx:

Download mfine app from the link below, and register using the Hospital Code: “RxDx”
Call 080 4926 1111 if you wish to arrange for video consultation via Skype or WhatsApp or if you need help with the mfine app

Visit our Telemedicine page for further details

Services are available within 5 to 7 km radius of RxDx Whitefield branch, Bengaluru

Sample collection at your doorstep. Please call our board line numbers for an appointment

Post Hospital Care, Post-Surgical Care, Injections- IM and IV’s, Dressings etc.
24×7, General Practitioner visit, subjected to availability of the Doctors
Available round the clock

To Order your Medicine

FREE and Contactless Home Delivery of your medicines within a 5 km radius of RxDx Clinics

Our city Bengaluru, like the rest of India, is on a 21-day lockdown from March 25, 2020, to protect the citizens from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and prevent community spread.

RxDx pharmacies are diligently working, albeit on skeletal staff capacity to support patients across Bengaluru during this COVID-19 crisis. In this attempt to make your life marginally easier, our pharmacies will drop your order package at your gate, which you can pick up from your security kiosk or primary entrance once notified by us.

We have a special request for you too. Please check with your apartment neighbours (through your internal network, i.e. WhatsApp or Telegram group) if they also want to buy medicines online. They can place individual orders via the same method as yours. If you can act as our Single Point of Contact, we can cater to multiple patients of your residence at one go.

All this will help us fulfil a larger number of orders within a shorter time by optimising our currently limited resources. On best effort basis, we shall try and deliver all orders within 48 hours of receiving the first order from the residential complex.

Let us help you continue to maintain the social distancing imperative at this phase of the current Coronavirus outbreak through contactless home delivery of your medicines.

We will get through this crisis together.

Four steps for Medicine Home Delivery (Download)


  1. Click here to Order your Medicine. If you do not receive a response from us, please call 08049261111 and select 3 from the IVR options to connect with our pharmacy.


You will receive a call regarding Order Confirmation


After your order is confirmed, you will receive an email / and or SMS with a link to make your payment. Pay via Credit / Debit cards, Net Banking, e-Wallets.


Receive Order Delivery at your Apartment Security / Main Gate

Stay at Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy

Doorstep Vaccination

You might have heard someone ask lately –
“My baby’s vaccination is due. I guess I can wait for a couple more weeks.”

Question is, should they?

The World Health Organization has recently published “Guiding principles for immunization activities during the COVID-19 pandemic” and emphasized on the significance of vaccinations especially during an ongoing pandemic.
Safeguarding vulnerable population from vaccine-preventable-diseases in turn help us avoid stress, loss of resource, reduce burden on economy and health already affected by a pandemic situation like COVID-19.
The idea of vaccination was and still remains: prevention of unnecessary loss of life. Imagine the cataclysmic effect of an outbreak that could be obviated by vaccine, when a fast spreading pandemic like COVID-19 is still not under control.
Hence, we must remember to adhere to our children’s vaccination schedule to ensure they are protected.

Online Consultation with a Pediatrician and Immunization visits at your doorstep are two excellent ways of ensuring your child’s protection from vaccine-preventable-diseases during an ongoing pandemic like COVID-19.

Want to know how RxDx can help you keep up with your child’s immunization schedule?

  • Book an appointment with RxDx Child Physician online and in-clinic consultations.
  • Child Specialist decides whether a patient (age 0-10 years) is due for a vaccination. You can also discuss any COVID and vaccine related concerns with the doctor.
  • A prescription for immunization is issued as per child’s age and schedule.
  • The parents can opt for Home Healthcare Service.
  • A nurse trained in COVID-safety protocol and equipped with protective gear picks up the prescribed vaccine and arrives at your doorstep.
  • She immunizes your child in the presence of one parent for assistance, in the sterile and safe environment of an ambulance.
  • You get the satisfaction of having your child vaccinated at your doorstep and a reduced chance of COVID transmission due to minimal people involved in the process.

Visit our pages Telemedicine to find out how to book our panel of online consultants- Instadoc@RxDx, and Home Healthcare Services for our home-based services.

Decide your child’s future today.
Don’t skip vaccination.

To Order your Medicine

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