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Vaccination for all ages

How can Vaccine help?
Clinic / Onsite Vaccination

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Health-check Bio Bubble

Bio-Bubble benefits

Health Check Packages

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Post COVID Rehab Clinic

What is Long-COVID?
RxDx Rehab Programme
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COVID Home Isolation Package

Medical Monitoring
COVID Home Care services

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Antibody (Serology) Test COVID-19

Who should get Antibody Test?


Rapid Antigen Detection for COVID-19

Why do you need Antigen Test?


RT-PCR Diagnostic Test for COVID-19

Confirmatory Test


#MaskIndia COVID-19 Precaution

Don’t let the guard down

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We deliver high quality pre-hospital medical care in a patient friendly,

cost effective manner using innovative spaces & technology


RxDx continuously strives to update to the latest technology. The clinics focus on interactive medicine i.e. real time communication between physician and patient..More…

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Medicine Home Delivery

RxDx pharmacies are diligently working, albeit on skeletal staff capacity to support patients across Bengaluru during this COVID-19 crisis. In this attempt to make your life marginally easier, our pharmacies will drop your order package at your gate. More…

Home Healthcare

Nursing assistance & on-call physician visits, especially for those with mobility problems, ambulance service, laboratory specimen collections and medicine delivery. FREE and Contactless Home Delivery of your medicines within a 5 km radius of RxDx Clinics More…

RxDx - Kids

A collaboration of multidisciplinary team of specialists, superspecialists for the health care and promotion of well-being for your kids. We offer various services on pediatrics at RxDx Kids More…

About Us

RxDx was set up with a vision to provide pre hospital care to communities. A neighbourhood clinic concept. The Family Doctor (GP, general physician) is at the core of RxDx and it is a physician led and driven primary care + model. The GP’s are supported by diagnostics, physiotherapy, pharmacy and specialists as needed so it is a one stop health care solution for outpatients. This model sits in between single doctor practices and hospitals.

In addition, RxDx aims to provide value added health care services such as health checkups, women’s care, geriatrics, a child friendly kids clinic, a foot and sports clinic and home health care services which are areas where focus and multi-disciplinary medical professionals are needed. These areas are not typical focus areas of hospitals as they are not surgical or intervention based. More…

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